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Life Insurance

Life Insurance (sometimes known as Life Assurance) helps provide financial security for people who depend on you, should you die.

Although money can’t replace a loved one, it can help those left behind to weather the financial storm. For example, it could pay off the mortgage or provide an income to help cover regular household expenditure.

Types of Life Insurance

There are different types of Life Insurance - the most appropriate type for you will depend on your circumstances. Life Insurance will pay out either a single lump sum (sum insured) or a regular income when you die.

  • Term Insurance - This is the simplest type of Life Insurance. You choose how long you’re covered for, eg. 20 years (the term), and the policy pays out if you die within the agreed term. You can also take out term cover as a couple, with the policy paying out on the first death only during the term. There are several different types of Term policy available, depending on your needs.
  • Family Income Benefit Insurance - This is essentially the same as Term Insurance, but instead of paying a lump sum when you die, it will pay out a regular income instead. This type of payment may be more suitable where the main purpose of the policy is to provide ongoing financial support to dependants.
  • Whole of Life Insurance - This pays out a lump sum when you die, whenever that is, as long as you are still paying the premiums.

what's in it for you?

It's not easy to think about the worst happening, but preparing for it is a necessary part of life. Should someone you care about be impacted financially when tragedy strikes?

Life insurance can provide a safety net in those moments and make sure that your loved ones are taken care of even if you're no longer around.

It gives peace-of-mind knowing that should something happen to you, they won't have an added burden on top of their grief - especially if there were large debts like mortgages left behind by accident or illness.

Working with me ensures you have access to this form of protection so families don't face financial hardship unexpectedly due to misfortune.