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Landlord Insurance 

Landlord insurance is a type of home insurance specifically tailored to rental properties, and it provides invaluable protection. 

It can include buildings coverage that safeguards the structure of the dwelling along with any fitted fixtures; contents cover for furniture, carpets, curtains and more; liability protections should legal actions be brought against you as an owner; unoccupied property cover when there are no tenants in residence; and even rent guarantees if something happens that prevents revenues from flowing in.

what's in it for you?

Landlord insurance can be a great way to protect property owners from potential financial loss. Here are a few of the benefits that landlord insurance can provide:

1. Liability Protection: Landlord insurance protects you from claims of negligence or injury caused by your rental property and its occupants and guests.

2. Loss of Rental Income: If your rental property is damaged or destroyed, it can result in lost rental income for you. Landlord insurance can help cover this loss for as long as it takes to repair or rebuild your property.

3. Property Damage: Landlord insurance covers the cost of repairs and replacements if your rental properties become damaged due to vandalism, fire, floods, etc.

4. Lawsuits: In cases where tenants sue you for breach of contract or other situations, landlord insurance will cover the legal costs involved in defending yourself in court.

5. Eviction Costs: If tenants don’t pay their rent on time, they may need to be evicted from the property. Landlord insurance covers any costs associated with evicting tenants and protecting your rights as a landlord.

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Working with me for your home insurance could save you money, provide protection and peace of mind, and give access to our extensive knowledge of the industry.

I'm available to answer any questions you have, no matter how small or large. Together, we'll take the guesswork out of protecting your home with a tailored policy that meets your specific needs.

From personalized advice to affordable rates, working together is the best way to make sure that you’re properly protected.

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